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Halo 2: Anniversary vs Halo 2

Discussion in 'News' started by Brightside, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]

    One of the most debated topics since Halo: Master Chief Collection was announced is which game should be played at competitive 4v4 eSports tournaments, H1/H2/H2A/H3 or H4?

    To summarise; Halo 3 + Halo 4 were quickly brushed aside, Halo 1 is a possibility but arguably plays better 1v1 or 2v2. Halo 2 gets the majority of votes, but which version of the game should be played? The original Halo 2 with 60FPS and button glitches intact or Halo 2: Anniversary with revamped graphics + maps but without button glitches.

    The main concern with Halo 2: Anniversary being chosen is the current lack of competitive maps.


    Sanctuary (Shrine) confirmed, which leaves Beaver Creek, Lockout, Warlock + Midship left from the original Halo 2 competitive map pool.

    - Apparently a Lockout remake has been leaked, so that looks likely already.
    - Midship seems doubtful as a Halo 5 remake has been announced.
    - Beaver Creek also seems doubtful as it was remade in Halo: Reach (343i mentioned this in an interview).
    - Warlock could be the map yet to be revealed due to doubt for Beaver Creek (Reach) + Midship (H5).
    - If a non competitive map is remade instead, that leaves Beaver Creek, Midship + Warlock.

    An idea that I mentioned at Gamescom and on Twitter

    343i release an eSports Map Pack with Beaver Creek, Warlock + Midship and use the profit to fund a $1,000,000 Halo 2: Anniversary Global Championships in 2015.

    If the map pack cost $15 (roughly £9) then 66,667 would need to be sold in order to fund a $1M prize pool.

    What are your thoughts on this, and on H2 vs H2A in general? Would you pay for a map pack if it was to fund an event? Would you play H2A over H2 if the map pool was eSports worthy?
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  2. IanBealio

    IanBealio Head of Content Staff Member HaloForum Staff

    Last map to be confirmed is warlock, calling it now.
  3. Zyruz

    Zyruz #VibeLife

    I would honestly prefer to play H2, but I think 343i will struggle to get in sponsors for it - hence why they are pushing all these tournaments on H2A atm and trying to create hype for it :/ However for H2A to actually be played competitively, it would need more maps as Aled is mentioning. Still can't get over the fact that it plays like H4 though.

    343i probs have something sorted.
  4. Septic

    Septic $eptic

    It doesn't play like Halo 4 at all, it just looks like Halo 4...
  5. Sith

    Sith Member

    Not all the money from DLC goes straight to the owner of the content, granted that's its MS in both cases, you also have to think how much it costs for things like production, event venue and paying crew and casters. would probably need a lot more than that amount.
  6. Yeah, I was just talking about covering costs for the prize pool. Ideally over 66,667 map packs would be sold to provide additional funding, which I think is definitely possible. 343i/Microsoft ran the H4GC last year with a $200,000 prize pool and pretty extensive production completely off their own back.
  7. Zyruz

    Zyruz #VibeLife

    The mechanics are just the same lmao. No strafing, exceptionally easy to shoot - jumping, rockets and nades are same as H2 tho.
  8. FlamezZz

    FlamezZz Active Member

    VwS Flamez
    To be honest, as much as I like the idea of playing Halo 2 at events, personally I think H2A will be used (at first anyway). They will want to promote the game as best as possible so what better way than using it at huge events? If it flops, and there is a lack of numbers and interest, going back to the original may be the only option. To be fair, if H2A is suitable for competitive play then I'm all for using it. Brings something new rather than classic H2 which people could become bored of.
    Just trying to give both sides of the argument so no hate please!
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    FRAGBY Twitter King

    Mate H2 is ridiculously easy to shoot on (when you aren't getting frame rate lag anyway). Halo 3 has always been the hardest game to shoot on, due to having to predict the other players movement, H4, H:Reach and H2 are all very similar in terms of aiming, I'd say Reach and H4 might have had slightly, and I mean every so slight, more aim assist, but really, I've played every single title in the thousands of games and I wouldn't say H2 was ever more hard to aim on than H4 in my personal opinion. Which is proving to be the case with the gameplay in the last few days.

    I think you've completely mistaken the word graphics and engine too. As for strafing, that's all about player movement and the like, again, H2 has very slow character movement and strafing really isn't what you think it is.

    You're spot on mate. H2 isn't their game, they aren't going to push big money tournaments for a 10 year old game. Interesting to see how they push tournaments on H2:A though, when its only got a very limited map pool. Big decisions to be made by 343 and Microsoft over the next year, its all about building up a fanbase and hype again for Halo 5, I'm not sure H2A will do that but I don't see any other choice for the producers.
  10. Septic

    Septic $eptic

    There's no sprint in Halo 2, there's descope. Would love to know what mechanics you think are the same other than things that are in every other Halo.

    Halo 2 is whoever has first shot, snipe is easiest in the series, that's just Halo 2 :p
  11. Fatmanp

    Fatmanp Champion of Europe

    In regards to first hot wins in H2. It really isn't. Despite having more Aim Assist there is so much more individual skill involved. The CQC (Button glitches) and double shotting eliminates the who sees who first wins element of the game. The strafing is also quicker which means if it was just a straight up BR fight with no glitches the player with superior movement will win a lot of the time even if they do not get the first shot.
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  12. Trick77

    Trick77 Staff HaloForum Staff

    Yeah, I have played a ton of Halo 2/3/Reach/4 and feel pretty confident in saying that the BR in Halo 2 is easier to use, as is the snipe then in Halo 3. I can't vouch for H2A because I have not played it, but I played Halo 2 recently on the orginal Xbox and aiming/shooting is easier then on Halo 3 which I am playing at the moment.
  13. Doodle

    Doodle Member

    They did mention something about a H2A DLC map pack, so that could make it all interesting, if we could get Beaver Creek, Warlock and Lockout remastered in the game as well. One of the biggest problems is definitely the currently announced maps of H2A, so some DLC would improve the competitive aspect a lot!
  14. Fatmanp

    Fatmanp Champion of Europe

    H2A doesn't have any button glitches which were a big factor in why at a competitive level the game was so enjoyable. Without them it is essentially just Halo 3 with different maps and a slightly different BR. Would I buy them? Of course. But I think organisations would find it hard to attract past Halo players with what is essentially a dumbed down version of the game.
  15. Septic

    Septic $eptic

    Was strictly talking H2 without button combos (H2A) bud
  16. Fatmanp

    Fatmanp Champion of Europe

    Me getting wrong end of stick and looking stupid.........again.
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  17. Jools

    Jools Halo Messiah HaloForum Staff

    Classic just has the more diverse and dynamic gameplay. H2A seems to be H4.5 which is fooking boring.

    Community needs to play whatever is more competitive though and while people are going to say "it's only competitive if there's money", I would say that H2C will attract more teams than H2A and I think that is what makes a game more competitive.
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  18. Cor9

    Cor9 The perfect synthesis of stealth and attack power

    Millions of people will buy the MCC. Money isn't an issue for MS/343 I think. Better to listen to the fans and fund a H2/H3 tournament. Of course, if they really want to throw a big H2A tournament, they´ll need to add a few more competitive maps to the map pool first.

    When and why exactly was Halo 3 brushed aside again? :(
  19. GriPz

    GriPz Member

    It's hard to make a decision without all the factors at this moment ...

    I would definitely choose H2 Classic for eSports events - particularly for the gameplay and also the lack of map variety plays huge factor at this point. From what I've seen H2 Anniversary needs a few tweaks (which I'm sure they will resolve upon release).

    With that being said, I would certainly pay to download additional map packs for H2 Anniversary, with it being funded towards an event.
  20. TheSimms

    TheSimms Halo3Forum Founder Staff Member HaloForum Staff

    This discussion goes up, lockout gets officially announced... Illuminati

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