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ASTRO Gaming Summer FFA Announcement

Discussion in 'News' started by Meekel, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. Meekel

    Meekel Director of Operations Staff Member TopMid

    HaloForum in conjunction with our partners ASTRO Gaming proudly present...

    The ASTRO Gaming Summer FFA!

    Today we are excited to bring you our first prized online tournament in conjunction with our partners ASTRO Gaming, the Astro Gaming Summer FFA! In this single elimination FFA tournament players will battle it out in rounds of 8 where the top 4 advance and the bottom 4 are eliminated.
    As this is our first event this will be open to the residents of Europe only.

    @Harry will be creating a post with further information and will be able to answer any of you questions, as well as releasing an official game type to download and practice with in the near future.

    1st place - ASTRO A40 Audio System
    2nd place - 12 Months prepaid Xbox Live Subscription


    3rd place - 3 Months prepaid Xbox Live Subscription


    Game - Halo 3
    Date - Sunday the 13th of July
    Time - 4PM BST
    Map - Heretic
    Gametype - Free For All
    Settings - ASTRO Summer FFA (gametype to be released; based on the MLG v8 settings)
    Sign ups -

    We look forward to seeing you all on July 13th for an action packed tournament! Until then, feel free to drop any questions below or join the discussion!​
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2014
    greatredshift and IanBealio like this.
  2. Penguin

    Penguin Plusnet Warrior

    Remember to bring your modems!
  3. TheSimms

    TheSimms Halo3Forum Founder Staff Member HaloForum Staff

    Remember to all just go for @Jimbossity if hes in your rounds...
    SqCTrickz likes this.
  4. Jimbo

    Jimbo Good Guy Jimbo

  5. Harry

    Harry Diamond Geezer Staff Member HaloForum Staff

    Happy to be putting this on for you guys! I'll have some rules up within the coming days. In the middle of moving house right now but any queries please fire in this thread and someone will get back to you :)
    Meekel and greatredshift like this.
  6. TW_Viking

    TW_Viking Active Member

    Just realized after signing up that I'll be in Iceland on the 13th! Shame as this sounds like a lot of fun. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  7. Hewittz

    Hewittz New Member

    Let's go !
  8. xGemGem

    xGemGem Forum Goddess TopMid

    #TeamAstro #AstroFamily

    Great news, support this and tweet it out etc!
  9. Sounds brilliant and would have been entering but I finish work at 5 on Sundays. Earliest I could have started was 5:20pm
  10. Reaction

    Reaction Well-Known Member

    What an awful start date!
    Hewittz likes this.
  11. ZANKI0H

    ZANKI0H Member

    Halo 3... it's gonna be painful to play. Where's Halo 2? :(
  12. Noodle

    Noodle Well-Known Member

    Did you fail to realize that the biggest sporting event in the world is taking part on this date?
  13. Meekel

    Meekel Director of Operations Staff Member TopMid

    We've changed the start time of the tournament to 4pm to ensure the tournament finishes prior to the 8pm kick off of the World Cup final.
    Hewittz and Penguin like this.
  14. Joezki

    Joezki Heisenberg

    Great, now there's a chance i cant play :(

  15. Ico

    Ico Well-Known Member

    Haven't played Halo 3 in 4 years...what could go wrong?
    Venom likes this.
  16. Vard

    Vard Member

    Im on a stag do when this getting played, noooo!
  17. SnipauI

    SnipauI The Skateboader

    I'll have to par off my girlfriend after our anniversary on the 12th. If so Hostpaul will make an appearance.
    Wobbly Fish likes this.
  18. Wobbly Fish

    Wobbly Fish Well-Known Member

    Gives someone else a chance to win an FFA then! About time too!
    Vard likes this.
  19. dzs_TriczR

    dzs_TriczR New Member

    Is some one hosting FFA's Lobbys?
  20. IX Icon XL

    IX Icon XL Active Member

    need to get into H3 customs again. add me IX Icon XL.

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