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by IanBealio at 8:32 PM
(63 Views / 0 Likes)

Screenshots have been released of Agent Locke, the main character of the live action Halo series 'Nightfall', who also will "be prominently featured in the “Halo 5: Guardians” video game".​

The character, played by Mike Colter "is a new character to the Halo franchise and will play a pivotal role in Halo: Nightfall and Halo 5: Guardians.". Halo: Nightfall will introduce this character and give a bit of back story ready for the character's role in Halo 5: Guardians.

One of the series to avoid the chop thanks to Microsoft cutting down the entertainment department, Halo: Nightfall is written by Prison Break's creator Paul Scheuring, and is going to be directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan of Battlestar Gallactica...
by IanBealio at 5:08 PM
(274 Views / 2 Likes)
After an afternoon of battling it out within Halo 3, on the map Heretic, three individuals have battled it through 128 people to win prizes in the HaloForum ASTRO Summer FFA! Working through the group stages, the finalists had to play three rounds with the best that the tournament had to offer to decide who was the best FFA player this summer!

The placements are as follows;

First Place:
Respectful - 209 Kills

Second Place:
Vibe Septic - 191 Kills
by IanBealio at 3:12 AM
(384 Views / 2 Likes)

After a long wait, and much hype surrounding this montage, Ace: The Montage is finally released! Edited by Snipetality, who has worked on a lot of editing projects for Team Beyond including their community montage, this video will put the hype back into Halo, and hopefully influence people to get back on that train of making quality Halo content.

But don't let this thread tell you, here's the video itself to do the talking:

by SigmA at 8:48 PM
(915 Views / 2 Likes)

is a platform that supports competition and events on Halo.

Today we are happy to announce, even though it is holiday season, the first ever tournament held by RankUP; the first step to completing our long term goal concerning competitive Halo.

The FFA Road To 400 will offer cash prize and will be organized by ourselves.

A total of 400 € will be up for grabs, separated into two different tournaments (on Halo 3 and 4), and the first three players in each game will win some of that cash. Players will be able to enter both tournaments, the Halo 3 tournament will take place Sunday 27th of July and the Halo 4 tournament will take place a week later, Sunday 3rd of...
by Trick77 at 6:37 PM
(462 Views / 3 Likes)

This weekend saw Austin, Texas play host to RTX 2014, and there was another wave of information revealed about Halo: The Master Chief Collection. We have gathered all of the information and put it into one nice action packed article, enjoy!

Halo 2 Anniversary new map features and levels revealed


We know that Halo 2 Anniversary features 6 're-imagined' maps, and that one of them is a new look version of Halo 2's Ascension. This weekend we were able to take a closer look at what the new version of Ascension will feature. The...
by IanBealio at 12:37 PM
(145 Views / 0 Likes)

A new trailer has been released for H:MCC depicting the Arbiter in a darker light than what you might remember...
by IanBealio at 10:15 PM
(225 Views / 0 Likes)
Showing the world that Halo isn't dead, top teams came to compete in Austin, Texas for a chance to win $10,000 all to themselves. With Str8 Sick dominating the FFA finals with a 20 kill lead over Heinz, he walked away with a smooth $5,000, while also winning the 4v4 tournament with his team Vas' Avi. Which consisted of Ryanoob, Shooter, Arkanium and himself to pick up a share of $10,000. Surprisingly enough the favourite to win the tournament Reign 812, which had the most stacked team on paper, ended up taking away only $500 coming in third place.

Halo 4 4v4 Placings
  • 1st: Vas’ Avi – Ryanoob, Shooter, Str8 Sick, Arkanum
  • 2nd:...
by Harry at 7:41 PM
(654 Views / 0 Likes)


Tournament date: Sunday 13th July
Signups close: Thursday 10th July
Sign ups: HERE
Eligibility: Open to residents of Europe only.
Groups size - 8 players, 4 players advancing from each group
Further information: HERE

All times are British Summer Time (BST). You are responsible for turning up at the appropriate time for your timezone.
Round of 128 - 4:00PM
Round of 64 - 4:45PM
Round of 32 - 5:30PM
Round of 16 - 6:15PM
Final - 7:00PM

A no tolerance policy will...​
by Trick77 at 6:47 PM
(223 Views / 3 Likes)
Just before RTX starts this weekend we get to hear from another team that will not only be in attendance, but will be looking at getting that top spot. In today's interview we are joined by Mikwen and Svspector from team VwS! Mikwen is a well known Halo player who has as placed well in both America and Europe, placing highly at MLG, AGL and EGL. He is joined by his team mate Svspector who is relatively new to the Halo scene, attending 3 Halo 4 tournaments with RTX being his 4th. You can see the full interview below, enjoy!

1. Mikwen and Svspector thank you for joining me today. Mikwen you are well known in the Halo scene, but Svspector you are fairly new. Could you both please tell me a little bit about yourselves?

Mikwen - Hey...
by IanBealio at 10:02 PM
(317 Views / 0 Likes)

Continuing on from the support that Venom has showed the Halo community for the past two tournaments, Multiplay and TopMid have announced that Venom will be returning as the main tournament sponsor for i52.

So that means winners landing in the cash placements can expect to get their hands on some high quality gaming swag courtesy of Venom this August!