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by Brightside at 11:45 AM
(2,667 Views / 2 Likes)

One of the most debated topics since Halo: Master Chief Collection was announced is which game should be played at competitive 4v4 eSports tournaments, H1/H2/H2A/H3 or H4?

To summarise; Halo 3 + Halo 4 were quickly brushed aside, Halo 1 is a possibility but arguably plays better 1v1 or 2v2. Halo 2 gets the majority of votes, but which version of the game should be played? The original Halo 2 with 60FPS and button glitches intact or Halo 2: Anniversary with revamped graphics + maps but without button glitches.

The main concern with Halo 2: Anniversary being chosen is the current lack of competitive maps.


Sanctuary (Shrine) confirmed, which...
by Human at 11:23 PM
(353 Views / 11 Likes)
It's back!

I didn't have a great varity in footage since events aren't as rowdy as they once were, I guess there's not as many rivalries anymore, it's all just A4D vs whatever team Warlord is on.
But anyway, I'm quite happy with the way this turned out, I love the song, and to me it makes the video show how much fun events actually are.

so yeah

by xGemGem at 9:41 PM
(260 Views / 1 Likes)
Good LAN – VwS
Naturally, VwS are worthy of Good LAN for Insomnia 52. Having won the entire tournament, and only dropping one map in the entire process, they smashed the competition and dominated the tournament. When met against Infused in the final, Infused were only able to hold them up one map before VwS were able to seize the Insomnia 52 (and potentially last Halo 3) title! Congratulations to the players and the organisation, let’s see if they can continue their dominance into Halo: MCC.

Bad LAN – Infused
Not necessarily a bad LAN for the boys, but...
by IanBealio at 8:00 PM
(614 Views / 0 Likes)

Riding on the current wave of organisations coming back to Halo, Total eSports Circuit makes it's grand return by picking up the newly formed Outbreak! The team has a wealth of Halo experience, with many tournament wins under their belt, their line up is @Lethal, @Jimbossity, @Smithy LS and @Adamack, with their manager being @TheSimms!

I caught up with Jimbossity to give us a few words about this exciting opportunity!
by RankUP at 11:20 PM
(445 Views / 2 Likes)

Following our first tournament, the #RoadTo400 FFA, where over 250 players registered, we noticed that even though it was holiday season, players still showed their motivation and their will to compete.
It is for this reason that we want to organize another event in order to keep the competitive scene active until Halo MCC comes out in November.

We are announcing the 2v2 tournament #MyTeammate, which will offer prize money and will be organized by ourselves !

The total prize pool will be of 500€, distributed on two separate tournaments (Halo 3 & 4), the two top teams in each will receive money. Players can register themselves in both tournaments, the Halo 4 one will take place Sunday...
by IanBealio at 5:33 PM
(548 Views / 1 Likes)

After a tough, hot and sweaty weekend at multiplay's summer LAN, i52, 16 teams have gone through a double elimination bracket to decide who will become the i52 European Halo Champions!

1st. VwS
Deany / Flamez / Snip3drone / Snakey

2nd. infused
Vard / BUK 20 / Reaction / Xavi

3rd. The Walshy Effect
Macca / L3W / Septic / Godshot

4th. A4D
Jools / Lethal / Az / Valadan

5th. STN
Havoc / Fatal Ferocity / Clutchin / Knighty

6th. Dynasty
Adz / SneakyWalrus / Sparky / Snipaul

7th. NME
Warlord / Kritical / Cyborg / Tekk

8th. Heavenly Hell
Untamed / J Flux / Calzo / Goku

9th. Revolt
10th. Why Can't I Sprint
11th. The Raw...​
by IanBealio at 5:03 PM
(556 Views / 1 Likes)

So after battling it out in the FFA to determine the seeds, we can get a look at how the teams are seeded and who is taking part in the i52 Halo 3 4v4 tournament!

1st. VwS
Deany / Flamez / Snip3drone / Snakey

2nd. Dynasty
Adz / SneakyWalrus / Sparky / Snipaul

3rd. infused
Vard / BUK 20 / Reaction / Xavi

4th. A4D
Jools / Lethal / Az / Valadan

5th. NME
Warlord / Kritical / Cyborg / Tekk

6th. Revolt
Pinchy / Snipeside / WhiteTide / Human

7th. The Walshy Effect
Macca / L3W / Septic / Godshot

8th. STN
Havoc / Fatal Ferocity / Clutchin / Knighty

9th. Heavenly Hell
Untamed / J Flux / Calzo / Goku

10th. Why Can't I Sprint?
Kalpol / HG Squashy...​
by IanBealio at 4:22 PM
(279 Views / 1 Likes)

After players collided at Coventry in the FFA tournament to determine the 4v4 seeds, it seems a winner has been decided after 8 players battled through three rounds to determine the champion of the i52 Halo 3 FFA Championships!

1st Place
Total kills: 206

2nd Place
Total kills: 181

3rd Place
Total kills: 180

4th Place
Total kills: 175

5th Place
Total kills: 164

6th Place
Total kills: 161

by IanBealio at 7:44 PM
(106 Views / 0 Likes)
If you're wondering where you can catch the action this weekend, you can hit up Multiplay's Halo twitch channel for all the matches you've been waiting for!

While the stream schedule hasn't been confirmed yet, be sure to check throughout the day after mid day to see @TheSimms and @Harry casting some potentially beautiful match ups.
by IanBealio at 4:14 PM
(197 Views / 0 Likes)

In the wake of their recent win at gamescom netting them a cool $5k, and the news of TCM getting the opportunity to jet out to america to take on legendary teams such as Str8 Rippin and Triggers Down, TCM took the time out with 343i to talk about their time in Germany, and what they thought about the teams that attended.

Hey, TCM! Congratulations on winning the first ever Halo 2: Anniversary tournament! Tell us about your feelings and expectations coming into the Halo gamescom Showdown.

Ramirez: Feelin' good definitely, lot of confidence and excited to see what the game would play like, placement wise we weren't...