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by IanBealio at 2:26 PM
(369 Views / 2 Likes)

343i's Dan Ayoub has recently posted an article on xbox.com, in which he talks about the fact that the Master Chief Collection is now finished and now has officially gone gold!

He also had more important news directed at Europe to reveal;

"One of the questions we get asked most is about worldwide release plans.The reality of worldwide sales and retail processes always makes simultaneous launches challenging. Some fans expressed disappointment in our original planned release date of November 11 in North America and November 14 in several other territories around the world. We heard you loud and clear, and I am happy to announce that Halo:...
by Meekel at 1:25 AM
(206 Views / 1 Likes)
Check out Max Szlagor, Senior Designer at 343 Industries, talking about the new leaderboard features in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

by IanBealio at 5:22 PM
(248 Views / 1 Likes)

Continuing on with IGN's Firsts, today we've been treated to getting a look at what the classic and updated varieties of Halo 2 will look like in the upcoming Master Chief Collection hitting the shelves this november.

In the video, we get a good look at how stunning the campaign really looks in both classic and anniversary edition. While Chief battles his way through Delta Halo, you can see how improved Halo really looks, while running at that crisp 60 fps that we all can't wait for!

The video then switches its focus towards the anniversary multiplayer, with gameplay from maps we've seen...
by IanBealio at 3:51 PM
(138 Views / 0 Likes)

For those of you who are fans of Spartan Assault, this is the news that you've been waiting for! A 'Spiritual Successor' to the top down shooter has been announced today on IGN's website!

Giving you the same action you'd expect, Spartan Strike is set during the Halo 2 era where 343i will introduce the Promethean aspect of the story into this era of the Halo universe. While improvements to gameplay have been spoken about, other aspects of the game has also been improved;

"It'll be released for $5.99 on Windows platforms (desktop, Surface tablet, and Windows Phone) – where one purchase gets you the...
by IanBealio at 5:38 PM
(240 Views / 1 Likes)

Continuing on with IGN's coverage of everything MCC this whole month, gameplay has been released of the game that started off the legendary series, Halo: Combat Evolved.

What is shown in the video is a taste of what the original Halo title looks like when it's given it's Anniversary treatment that was on the 360, then turbo charged with 60fps and close to 1080p resolution. The video starts off with footage from the campaign looking beautiful and refined, to the mayhem you can expect to play through when enjoying the multiplayer experience this November. Check out images after to jump...
by greatredshift at 10:17 PM
(143 Views / 2 Likes)

Continuing IGN First Preview of Halo:MCE, 343 Industries have released a preview of the Halo 2 remastered soundtrack via Soundcloud.

"343 Industries Senior Audio Director, Paul Lipson, accompanied by Lennie Moore, Tom Salta, Brian Trifton and Brian Lee White, in partnership with the Skywalker Sound, have beautifully adapted and re-recorded the Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori Halo 2 soundtrack for its 10 year anniversary."

by IanBealio at 6:32 PM
(231 Views / 0 Likes)

Over at IGN with their 'First' campaign, they are smothering Halo all month in the run up to MCC's release this November. Today they have revealed the collection of achievements that you're going to be working for when you finally get your hands on this legendary collection. The achievements come in five sections, Overall which means the achievements aren't tied to any specific game, Halo:CE, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4 which the achievements correspond to their respective title. Check them out in the next post!
by Kav at 6:10 PM
(872 Views / 1 Likes)
The full playlists for the new Halo game, Halo: Master Chief Collection have been announced today by 343i and IGN. These will be the first gamemodes available to play in matchmaking on the day of release (Nov 11th US, Nov 14th UK). With the hope for an individual playlist for Halo 2 and the revival of eSports, this brings some good (and bad) news for competitive Halo fans.

Directly from the source:

Team Halo 2: Anniversary
Play a mix of Team Slayer and objective game types on re-mastered maps. 4v4.

Halo 2: Anniversary Rumble
Challenge seven other opponents on re-mastered maps. This is...
by IanBealio at 5:28 PM
(415 Views / 1 Likes)

As part of IGN's 'first' look at the Master Chief collection all of October, they've kicked off the campaign by finally confirmed what we knew was true, Warlock in it's reimagined form has taken the final place on the H2A map roster.

This means the final six maps are comprised of Ascension (Zenith), Lockout (Lockdown), Coagulation (Bloodline), Sanctuary (Shrine), Zanzibar (Stonetown) and Warlock (Warlord).

As mentioned above, Warlord looks to be a reimagining of Warlock. It's been given the usual anniversary spit shine, the the map looking a little older and more worn, much like what has happened to Sanctuary in the time since we left...
by IanBealio at 12:37 PM
(239 Views / 0 Likes)

With the launch of the Master Chief Collection looming ever closer (Next Month), people have been asking for information on the games that aren't the main focus, yet some believe they should be. 343's Bulletin this week asks a few questions to give Halo 1 fans a little taste of information to keep them satisfied until release, although the main question for the fans about how they're going to manage the netcode for the title remains unanswered.

Q: Which custom game options will be available in Halo: CE within The Master Chief Collection?
A: All of the game types and custom game type options you remember from Halo:...