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by IanBealio at 7:44 PM
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If you're wondering where you can catch the action this weekend, you can hit up Multiplay's Halo twitch channel for all the matches you've been waiting for!

While the stream schedule hasn't been confirmed yet, be sure to check throughout the day after mid day to see @TheSimms and @Harry casting some potentially beautiful match ups.
by IanBealio at 4:14 PM
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In the wake of their recent win at gamescom netting them a cool $5k, and the news of TCM getting the opportunity to jet out to america to take on legendary teams such as Str8 Rippin and Triggers Down, TCM took the time out with 343i to talk about their time in Germany, and what they thought about the teams that attended.

Hey, TCM! Congratulations on winning the first ever Halo 2: Anniversary tournament! Tell us about your feelings and expectations coming into the Halo gamescom Showdown.

Ramirez: Feelin' good definitely, lot of confidence and excited to see what the game would play like, placement wise we weren't...
by Trick77 at 2:42 PM
(50 Views / 2 Likes)
Hello HaloForum,

I managed to get a hold of UK Halo player Lethal, who was part of the VwS line up which came second at Gamescom in Germnay. He talks to us about what Halo 2 Anniversary plays like and how it comapres to the orginal version. I also asked him some of the community questions, featuring questions from Beyond, Haloforum.eu and SSRCG. And yes, I ask him who is better, UK Lethal or USA Lethal. Enjoy!

Im aware of my mic issue, it is something I need to replace as I think it is just on its way out.
by Trick77 at 11:40 AM
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343 will be at PAX Prime this year between the 29th of August - 1st of September, and they will be running another Halo 2 Anniversary tournament! Fans will get to see the top american Halo teams battle it out in Seattle for that number 1 spot.

For the PAX Prime Showdown 343 will be teaming up with Twitch and ESL again, and the tournament will be similar to what we saw at Gamescom in Germany. 343 are inviting 5 teams with the other 3 spots being decided on the PAX Prime show floor at the Astro Gaming and Skullcandy booths.

The following teams have received invites to the tournament:

Str8 Rippin

Triggers Down

VwS USA...
by IanBealio at 5:54 PM
(151 Views / 1 Likes)

To promote a new film coming out with Pierce Brosnan called 'November Man', MLG have announced that they are holding a Halo 3 2v2 invitational tournament on Tuesday, August 26th. Although not much is known at the time, they have already announced 4 teams which will be playing for a chance to win $5,000.

The announced teams are as follows;
  • JahovasWitniss & KYR SP33DY
  • LEGIQN & Gandhi
  • Flamesword & BigTymer
  • Ace & Snip3down
The amount of teams makes it look like it's going to be a fairly short production, with there only being four. Hopefully more...
by Trick77 at 12:15 AM
(181 Views / 5 Likes)
A very well made montage from Snipetality featuring footage from all of the Halo's, including some brilliant footage from Chalkie at Gamescom. If you aren't pumped up yet for Insomnia this coming weekend, just have a watch off this video.

Make sure to give Snipetality a follow on both his Twitter and Youtube to get some of the very best Halo content out there.

Snipetality Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/Snipetality / Snipetality Youtube: http://www.YouTube.com/iSnip3tality
by Trick77 at 8:33 PM
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The Insomnia i52 Halo 3 championship is set to take place between the Saturday the 23rd of August 2014 and will finish on Sunday the 24th of August. The tournament will be hosted by Multiplay and will be held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, England. In just 5 days the best Halo teams in Europe will once again be battling it out for a possible £2,500 cash prize!

If you are interested in attending but not sure how to go about it then don't worry, we have you covered. In this article you will find all the information you need including how to get to the venue, how much it will cost and what your accommodation options are.

Tournaments being played
There will be 2 Halo 3 tournaments taking place during the course of...
by TheSimms at 8:27 PM
(775 Views / 2 Likes)

So the dust is settling from Gamescom but the hype and notion of Halo been back is everywhere! After TCM recently added a Halo roster to their line up, we now see another BIG name picking up a Halo squad, Team Infused!

Team Infused is a professional organisation supporting the best UK PC and Console players since 2005! Team infused have done great work both in console and on PC. As back to EGL CoD winners and also receiving an invite to the most recent Gfinity, this is only a handful of accolades that Team Infused have bagged!

The New Infused line up which will be playing at i52 next week is -

[​IMG] Alex "BUK 20" Buck...
by Az at 4:44 PM
(570 Views / 2 Likes)

With all the qualifying done it was time for the championship Sunday to begin. Europe's finest have been battling it out over at Cologne in Germany for the title of the first ever Halo 2 Anniversary champions. With selected invites handed out we had Vibe, TCM, VwS and RTC ready and waiting for the weekend challengers who qualified over the start of the weekend. They were sG, DZS, Next Gen and DMM. After a few surprises and hard fought games played we eventually got to a close and interesting final. Not to forget having the last two game types allowing all players to hold sniper rifles as a starting weapon. Now with $10,000 spread out among the rest of the...
by Harry at 8:36 PM
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It's been a tough, hard fought week of Halo in Cologne, Germany, however 8 teams have come out of the other side. The 8 teams of battle-hardened Spartans are going to battle it out in intense 4vs4 matches on Halo 2: Anniversary to be crowned the Gamescom Halo Showdown Champions, and to walk away $5,000 richer. Let's raise the curtain on the teams battling it out for the right to win the first ever Halo 2: Anniversary tournament.

Team Vibe